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Before We Meet

Two business days prior to our Furniture Appointment at our shop, please email the following to shop@kendallandco.ca so we may curate a selection of ideal frames and fabrics according to your wishlist:

Simple drawing of your room's layout with current furnishings

Photos of your room from various sides

Desired maximum and minimum furniture dimensions (overall width x depth x height, arm height, seat height, seat depth to front of back cushion, back height from top of seat)

Photos and description of preferred style, finish, colour and fabrics.

Your budget per item

Furniture Appointment

Custom Upholstered Furniture

Our Furniture Appointment is a wonderful experience for the customer to sit on our 3 Canadian Lines of Bespoke, Tailored & Atelier Upholstered Furniture. See how each relates to your form and preferred comfort, feel the quality construction, touch our fabrics, see the colours, discuss size, finishing design details and various upgrades. We play with colours, textiles, textures, patterns and trims to come together on custom pieces that speak to you. All of which factor into the price of our furniture made just for you:

Sofa $2,500+

Sectional Chaise $3,500+

Armchair (including Swivels & Recliners) $1,500+

Dining Chair $800+

Ottoman $400+

King Headboard Only $1,500+

King Bed (Headboard + Side Rails) $3,000+

Queen Sofa Bed $3,000+

You may browse our Featured Floor Models to get an idea about our styling and pricing.

Order turnaround is min 10-14 weeks depending on availability of fabrics & components.

We request 50% Deposit to proceed with your Custom Order. Full balance is due upon pick-up or delivery. Final Sale.

Case Goods & Ready Mades

Due to our square footage, you will primarily find our Canadian Made Upholstered Furniture in our shop. In addition though, KENDALL & Co offers many options in Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Console Tables, Dining Tables, Cabinets, Nightstands, Dressers, Beds and Ready-Made Sofas, Sectionals & Chairs that we specify for our Design Projects. We are pleased to make these items available to our Retail Customers.

Most of our mid to high-end manufacturers do not mass produce their products and restrict its sale through limited numbers of exclusive, reputable retailers such as KENDALL & Co.

Shopping Case Goods & Ready Made Furniture with us means the customer has to be able to commit to a purchase based on product photos and dimensions. We do not have a catalogue of our Case Goods available for the customer to browse through as there are multiple lines that change seasonally and stock is subject to change daily.

We rather take the time to source though 1000s of our exclusive pieces to narrow down those that are current and match your wish list. We then compile these options to present to you for Special Order (Final Sale).

We reupholster Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Benches, Ottomans, Headboards & Beds.

Often Reupholstery also means Restoration involving frame repair, wood refinishing, new webbing, springs, foam & cushion inserts and sometimes, even correcting work previously done. As such, customers may use the following estimates as a starting point for Reupholstery Projects with KENDALL & Co using a baseline fabric:

Dining Chair from $500 (Seat Pad Only $250)

Armchair from $2,500

Sofa from $4,500

Our Master Upholsterers are highly skilled after many years of taking care of various makes of fine furniture.

We offer re-upholstery meetings in time slots of one-hour with our Decor Associates, at $50+tax.

Call 416.363.9914 or e-mail shop@kendallandco.ca to schedule a meeting between Noon to 5pm weekdays.

Before We Meet

It is a two-part process to calculate a quote specific to your furniture:

1) Please email description of the furniture condition, photos of the various sides, desired fabrics and these dimensions of your furniture to shop@kendallandco.ca

Overall Width x Depth x Height

Arm Depth x Width x Height

Seat Height x Depth

Seat/Back Cushion Width x Depth x Thickness

Back Height from Top of Seat

Please allow a few days for us to determine an estimate on labour and fabric yardage.

2) With the initial figure, we can then schedule a Fabric Appointment to go over your options at our shop. Prior to the meeting, our Decor Associates will spend the time to curate a selection based on your budget and desired type of textiles, trims or patterns.

Finalizing Your Quote

Once fabrics, trims and finishing details are finalized, we can then calculate your Reupholstery Quote. We request fully payment on fabrics & trims (Final Sale) + 50% Deposit on Labour to proceed. Balance is due before delivery or pick up of your furniture.

We invite you to learn about our Reupholstery Work & Textile Resource.

KENDALL & Co offers you complete Window Treatment solutions at varying budgets:

Custom Drapery (Sheer, Privacy, Blackout), Custom Roman Blinds, Window Valances, Drapery Fabrics & Drapery Hardware. Custom Drapery is decorative, functional and truly cost-effective considering the immediate energy efficiency it provides a home for all seasons.

Made-in-Canada Custom Window Shades (Sheer, Privacy, Blackout), Chainless Shades, Motorized Shades & Skylight Shades. Shades are generally done with neutral colours and priced lower than Custom Drapery. Shades provide more function than form compared to drapes.

Window Treatment is about layering both shades and drapery with stylish hardware & valances to complete the look of the windows with your room.

Before We Meet

Two business days prior to our scheduled appointment at our shop, please email the following to shop@kendallandco.cato help us prepare an initial quote to review together in our meeting:

Window Dimensions inclusive of Frame (Blinds & Drapery)

Inside Mount Window Dimensions (Blinds)

Window Casing Depth (Blinds)

Wall Dimensions (Drapery)

Wall Width between Windows on the same wall and to Wall Corner (Drapery)

Ceiling Height from Floor to Ceiling and to the Bottom of Crown Moulding (Drapery)

Height from Top of Window Frame to Ceiling and to the Bottom of Crown Moulding (Drapery)

Photos of your Windows, Rooms & Walls (Blinds & Drapery)

Photos of patterns or description of fabrics you are looking for.

Your budget

While our Window Shades may start at $200 depending on fabric and size, our Custom Drapery may start at $1,500 for baseline fabric, lining & sewing labour alone depending on size. Blinds installation starts at $150 while it would be minimum $300 for drapery

Window Treatment Appointment

With the approximate dimensions you provided us, we can review a high level estimate with decisions made on types of window treatment, finishing details, fabrics, trims and hardware

We request 50% Deposit (Final Sale) to proceed and schedule a Site Visit.

Check Measure is conducted by our Installer to communicate any changes to the initial quote for customer's approval prior to production.

Full balance is due before installation.

Our Wallpaper Library offers an extensive array of patterns, natural textured woven wallcovering, custom digital murals & hand painted panels.

We offer meetings in time slots of one-hour with our Decor Associates, at $50+tax.

Call 416.363.9914 or e-mail shop@kendallandco.ca to schedule a meeting between Noon to 5pm weekdays.

Our wallpaper ranges between $250-$500 per roll, with the sky's the limit for our luxurious naturals and bespoke.

Custom digital murals start at $10 per foot, print on demand, scaled to your wall dimensions.

Before We Meet

Two business days prior to your Wallpaper Appointment at our shop, please email photos of your room(s), wall dimensions, inspiration images of desired type & patterns and your budget to shop@kendallandco.ca. This allows our Decor Associates to then curate an informed selection to make our meeting productive with you.

We do not loan our Wallpaper Books. Samples may be ordered in most cases at $10 each. Order turnaround for samples is up to 2-weeks when swatches are readily available at our supplier.

Estimate & Installation

A) We can estimate for paper & install when the customer elects to go with our Trades. Our Hangers dedicate their profession solely to wallpaper so our install fees reflect working with experts at the top of their trade:

A small accent wall starts at about $1,500+

Powder Room about $2,500+

Dining Room about $5,000+

Our Trades are bonded and proven to be efficient, effective, on-time and leaves the job site clean and orderly after countless numbers of client projects with KENDALL & Co.

We request full payment on wallpaper (Final Sale) + 50% Deposit to schedule with our Trades. Balance is due prior to scheduled date of installation.

B) Otherwise, we ask the customer to determine how many yards or rolls you need with your Contractor. Our Decor Associates are happy to help but, we are not responsible for under/over estimating for paper as we are not Professional Hangers.

As a very rough guide, a roll may provide 60-inch linear width coverage with a 8ft ceiling height, subject to pattern matching and roll width & length.

Wool, Jute & Bamboo Rugs

Similar to our eco-social ethics in supporting Made in Canada Furniture, KENDALL & Co also promotes rugs produced under certified Fair Trade & Community Minded practices. Only select patterns are shown on our website. See our full collections in-store.

Please browse our Rug Guide to find out which size is right for your space, types of rugs and the various woven constructions we offer.

In terms of comparative durability, hooked rugs are the least cat/dog-friendly if your kitty likes to claw or your active pup has long nails. Tufted Rugs and Knotted Rugs will last for many years with proper care. Rugs should be vacuumed regularly on "floor" setting without a beater bar to discourage moths and deep settling of dusts & dirt.

Outdoor Rugs

Our weather-proof rugs are mold & mildew resistant, making them safe to put down onto wood decks but, colours will fade inevitably when there is constant direct sun exposure. We do recommend allowing outdoor rugs to air out over a fence after heavy rain. Outdoor rugs should also be cleaned (no solvents, chlorine, strong soaps) with garden hose or power-washed at the end of the season, dried thoroughly and then stored indoors during the winter months.

Our Outdoor Rugs are also a great value for high traffic indoor spaces such as entry ways, foyers, laundry rooms, mudrooms, media/playrooms, kids' room, basements and cottages.

Our Design Team manages projects with budgets starting at $50K and up. To hire our services for a comprehensive Interior Design of your entire home or for various spaces within, you are welcome to contact us at 416.363.9914 or contact@kendallandco.ca to schedule an Introductory Meeting at our Studio.

We encourage you to acquaint yourselves with our Design Process with you.

How can we help?

Our Decor Retail Team are here to assist you with furniture, area rugs, custom drapery, custom window shades, textiles, wallpaper & reupholstery. Our Associates coordinate with our various workrooms and our vetted Trades to quote and schedule on your behalf.

Our Interior Design Team handles projects with budgets starting at $50K & up involving various elements simultaneously and managing Trades to deliver a cohesive vision within and between spaces in a home.

We offer meetings in time slots of one-hour with our Decor Associates, at $50+tax.

Call 416.363.9914 or e-mail shop@kendallandco.ca to schedule a meeting between Noon to 5pm weekdays.

Call 416.363.9914 or email shop@kendallandco.ca to schedule a meeting between Noon to 5pm weekdays via FaceTime or Zoom.

In-Home Consultations are available for a fee and may be scheduled after an Introductory Meeting with our Design Team at our Studio.

There is a minimum $150 Check Measure Fee when the customer would like us to conduct a site visit to gather the necessary dimensions for windows, walls or floors to calculate a quote for our products & services. Rest assured that a Check Measure will be done prior to production orders.

KENDALL & Co provides Professional Installation of wallcovering, window shades and drapery within the GTA for a fee. Please refer to "What Can We Help You With?"section of this webpage for starting rates. Depending on size of project, we can accommodate further afield subject to travel expense.

We do not install or deliver products not purchased with KENDALL & Co.

In-Home White Glove Deliveries of our furniture and large area rugs (8x10 and larger) within the GTA starts at $150. Fee vary depending on postal code, size of delivery, flight of stairs and condo.

Delivery beyond the GTA is subject to rates established by Canada Post, FedEx or Freight Carrier. Oversize and overweight charges may also apply. We are not liable for damages that occur in transit or goods stolen upon delivery.

It is the responsibility of the customer to book the service elevator with your condo management and be present to accept delivery for the scheduled date & time. A second minimum delivery fee of $150 will be charged if the customer fails to be book elevator/parking or he/she/proxy is not present. For additional info, please refer to our Delivery Policy

We do not remove or dispose existing furniture or rugs from your home. We suggest donating to a good cause such as, Habitat for Humanity or the Furniture Bank

Which Upholstery Furniture is Right for Me?

What's the best fabric for my sofa if I've got a cat?

Well, you know, the thing about cats is that they're mischievous, they're occasionally destructive, they are slightly evil, and that's gonna mean that your best bet is something that, well, just lets them be cats.

Cats are gonna claw at fabric because they can hook their claws into the loops in the weave of the fabric. If you remove that as an option, eh, it's gonna be kind of, a little bit better for them. You're gonna wanna look for fabrics that have a cut pile rather than a looped pile to them. That's really gonna mean velvet. Velvets, sometimes microfibers, but eh, there's some beautiful velvets out there. Microfibers are kinda passe a little bit. I would recommend velvets first. They can go to town on it, they're not really gonna be able to hook into anything, 'cause that little thread at the end of the fabric is just a thread, it doesn't loop back in, there's nothing to catch on. Velvets can grab onto fur a little bit, but you can vacuum it right back out, not that big of a deal.

If you're opposed to velvet, just don't like the look or feel of it, I would probably focus on fabrics that have a very tight weave. Your denims and canvases, things that are heavier weight, those are probably gonna do a little bit better. You definitely don't want a linen, or chenille, anything that has a looser weave to it, that's kinda asking for trouble.

So, I really focus on one of those two options. Every cat's different, asterisk asterisk asterisk, because I just can't say for sure, but generally speaking, those are gonna be your best bets. I would also of course think about clean-ability. Stain-proof fabrics are really gonna be your best bet. We have stain-proof velvets, we have stain-proof, more canvas-style fabrics as well. Either way, that's gonna be your best bet should you have to clean anything up from the cat.

Dogs, puppies, doggos, puppers, woofers, slobber pusses, fur monsters. Do you have one of these? OK, great. What's the best sofa fabric for a dog? Well, it's gonna really depend on the dog, of course, as all things do. I mean, there are big dogs and small dogs, and shedders and non-shedders. And you know your dog better than I do, but give up some of that information, we'll help you steer kinda in the right direction.

I think things to look for, for fabrics are going to be fabrics that are cleanable, and cleanable kind of comes on a few different factors. I think there's vacuumability, if that's a word, it is now. Cleanability, scrubbability. Because dogs are going to shed, dogs are going to drool, and jump up on the sofa with muddy paws. Now, we're of course talking about misbehaving dogs.

Good dogs that never do these things, well, they only do them when you're not home. So ultimately, you have to think about this a little bit. I think even with a perfectly well behaved dog it's still wise to think about, OK, my dog's gonna be at worst lying down at my feet, there's gonna be a little bit of pet hair. How do I clean it out? Is it gonna be an issue? Some fabrics are grabbier than others, some velvets really, really grab onto fur, but on the flip side, because it's a cut pile, because there's no way for the fur to kind of get woven into the fabric, you could vacuum it out and you're done, right? Other fabrics, depending on the breed like short hair dogs, their shedding can get woven into some fabrics and get matted in there, it's a little bit trickier. So I think probably coarser weave is maybe something to avoid, you probably want a tighter weave for that.

Cleanability, we deal a lot with performance fabrics. It's a very popular option for our customers for a wide range of reasons. Usually people have a dog or a kid, or some combination, or a husband that can't keep the ice cream in the bowl, whatever it might be. A lot of good reasons to have a fabric that's easily scrubbable, that you can use a wide range of cleaning products on to get that grime back off. So there are some fabrics out there that are washable, launderable, that's nice to have too.

We do occasionally look at slip covers for folks. And we can also always do additional secondary set covers for your seat cushions and back pillows so you can swap them out, makes it a little bit easier, extends the lifespan a bit.

So generally speaking, what's gonna be good for durability for kids is also gonna be good for durability for dogs, durability for high-traffic environments, again, good for dogs.

One note, we have some fabrics that are pretty great because they are coarser weave but they do not snag. A company that we do a lot of work with, a textile company called Nassimi, has a few really lovely performance fabrics that are super durable, they're super cleanable, but they also don't snag even though they have a coarser weave. That would be nice if you are going for that look but want a little bit of extra protection. So hit us up, talk to us about that, we'll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

I want a beautiful sofa, I have children, how do I make these two things work together?

Well, if you're look for fabric for your sofa, we've got a ton of options. I think the world of fabrics has evolved drastically probably even since you bought your last sofa. Performance fabrics have come a long way. I think sometimes when you say the word performance fabrics, or talked about fabrics that are solution dyed, you might think of things like Sunbrella, which is a great product, but sometimes that calls to mind a canvas that's used on a patio chair, or an umbrella or something like that. Not exactly, you know, the most welcoming type of fabric.

However, we now have performance fabrics that give you amazing looks and feels, very fashion forward colors and weaves, in a lot of different styles. We have everything from velvets, to canvases to linen blends, gosh, just a range of options that is gonna be very practical for you as well as beautiful. I think the things that you really need to focus on for family friendly fabrics, that's a lot of F's, would be durability. So, we measure fabric durability using the awesomely named Wyzenbeek Double Rub Test. You can learn more about that elsewhere on our site. But, you're gonna want a fabric that's at a higher end of the durability range. That just means that it's not gonna break down with heavy wear, if you have kids jumping up and down on it, or doing whatever. They're always so creative, they come up with such innovative ways of destroying your home. I think you're going to definitely benefit from something that's pretty tough wearing, in that sense. Fabrics that do not pill, also very beneficial, because pilling again with wear, it's one of those things that's just kind of annoying. It's not necessarily a failure of the fabric, but you have to kind of clean them off. You can use a fabric shaver, or a lint shaver, to take a, who wants to do that? Go with a fabric that's pilling resistant that's going to be a little bit better for you, as well.

And then finally the big one is stain resistance. You can get around to stain resistance a few different ways. Sometimes it's the composition of the fiber itself that gives it sort of a natural stain resistance. That's where we get into solution dyed products, like Sunbrella, Brelladura, a few other companies that are out there. They're typically acrylics or a polyolefin of some form. The color is built into the fiber of the fabric, so that gives it its stain resistance, basically because it's not gonna absorb fluids, liquids, stains, and you can use kind of anything to clean it without causing discoloration. That's how that one works. The other stuff that's more popular and I think probably better for most folks because of the feel and quality and luxury to it, is going to be something that receives a coating. I think we're used to probably in the old world, spray on coatings of varying types. You hear of scotch guard and stuff like that, and that always kinda worked, sort of, not great, didn't last very long. Sometimes it would change the feel of the fabric. Not preferable. But what they do now in higher end textile mills, is they actually do a submersion process. So once the fabric is made, it's run through sort of this, it's dipped and then baked in a way. I don't exactly know how it works, but ultimately what you get is this almost inperceptable cutting that gives it excellent stain resistance, it coats the fibers, prevents them from absorbing fluids and liquids and all that stuff. And you can use a wider range of cleaning products on it without again causing discoloration or other damage. So, really nice, makes it wipeable, makes it easy to clean, but doesn't really mean you're compromising all that much.

We've got some amazing options that are really competitive price point. They just have a lot to offer and I think, overall, it's going to be the best bet for your kids. Hey, thanks so much for watching our video. We've got a whole lot of other videos on similar topics related to furniture and design, so I hope you do check those out, maybe subscribe to our channel, hop over to our website. And if you have any questions, give us a ring. We'll be happy to answer any questions you can throw out at us.

We carry a variety of fabrics with stain resistant properties built into the fibres of the textile, thereby offering long term efficacy and no VOCs compared to after-market spray treatments.

Outdoor fabrics also carry similar properties which can be used for indoor furniture.

And vinyl is self-explanatory.

Here are some of our industry leading branded stain resistant fabrics:




We also offer a few others such as, Endurapel, Kravet Armor & Stout Secure.

Alright, let's talk about fabric durability, specifically abrasion resistance of fabric. Your first experience with fabric abrasion was probably when you were like seven years old and you wore holes in the knees of your jeans by jumping and landing on them a lot. Your second with fabric abrasion possibly was when you were like 27 years old and paid somebody else about 300 dollars to wear those same holes in your jeans for you.

The fabric abrasion thing, may not seem like a big deal but it makes actually a huge difference in the durability of your furniture. When fabric comes into contact with anything else like you sitting on it it's gonna cause friction and stress on those fibers and over time they will start to break down. You're going to see things like pilling, balding, even holes appear. The more resistance the fabric is to that the longer it's going to stay looking new.

So, is there some sort of metric for measuring the abrasion resistance of fabric? No, there are two. The Wyzenbeek double-rub test, sounds vaguely dirty, and definitely silly but it's probably the most widely sided test. It consists of this mechanical finger thing rubbing back and forth on the piece of fabric until that fabric starts to show some sort of wear. The other test which is a little bit less common called Martindale, is the same thing basically. Only instead of going back and forth it goes in like this figure eight pattern.

Lets focus on Wyzenbeek, it's just a little bit more common. So a standard grade of upholstery fabric, something you might get a Pottery Barn or whatever. Starts at around 10,000 double rubs. Now what we would consider heavy duty kicks in around 30,000. Now heres where it gets kind of crazy though we now carry a whole bunch of performacne fabrics that are rated in excess of 100,000 double rubs. That's 10 times what a standard upholstry fabric would be. If you're looking for something that's going to stand up to your kids, your pets, adults who are irresponsible with furniture, this is it. It's also great for commercial environments.

If the fabric that you're looking at only shows a Martindale rating, instead of a Wyzenbeeker or both, just know that Martindale is usually about 30-40% lower in number wise. So just take that 100,000 number or 30,000 number and subtract a little bit. It'll give you a good idea.

Now the toughest fabrics, you might think would be natural fibers, but they are actually going to be the synthetics or synthetic blends. Acrylic fibers particularity good because it doesn't pill. Pilling if you haven't run across this is when the fabric gets a little wear on it and it twists those fibers into little balls that kinda collect on it. It's generally harmless, but it's kinda unsightly and a pain in the butt to take care of.

Now, another great type of fabric for durability is gonna be velvet. Because velvet is made a little bit differently. Instead of a woven pile, it's actually cut. So the fibers just kind of stand up. They just really don't wear out the same way and they're gonna be super super durable as a result.

Now, if for some reason, 100,000 double rubs is not enough for you. It's enough for you. We have faux leathers that's are up to 500,000 double rubs. And again, these are crazy numbers. I don't even know how they test this. I honestly think they just turn the machine on, go home overnight, come back the next day, and just say "call it good".

When shopping for fabrics for your furniture, look for a rub count number, if you don't see it, if you don't see it on our website, it's probably my fault because I forgot to add the number. Just call me and I'll tell ya. Now, it's definitely not the only factor to consider with fabric. Because you have to worry about stain resistance, and fade resistance, and all that other stuff. But this is a good starting point, to find that fabric, that's gonna make for a sofa that's gonna look great fore years.

Let's talk about leather. Broadly speaking, there are two types of leather out there in the world, full-aniline, and semi-aniline. The difference is really in how these leather hides are selected, prepared, and then colored.

So with full-aniline leather, it uses a dye that's semi translucent, so you kind of almost see through it to the original hide. And you're gonna to see natural characteristics on that hide like fat wrinkles, healed scars, bug bites, things like that. And you're gonna see some color variation on this type of leather, where one portion of the hide is a little bit darker than the other. The thing that's interesting is, once that's turned into a sofa, you're gonna see those color variations across the varying panels. Aniline leather also has this thing that's kinda cool called pull-up. When it's tufted or tight anywhere on the sofa, you're gonna see what's called, a bursting of color. So you'll see those lighter, more vibrant colors kind of come to the surface. Now aniline leather is tough, it's real leather after all. But it's gonna be more susceptible to things like scuffing, staining, some fading over time. Now, one way that tanneries will protect a full-aniline leather, is by adding a bit of a wax coating to its surface. It's gonna give it some resistance to water spots, things like that. It'll also give it a little bit of sheen.

Semi-aniline leather and a subset of that called, protected leather, is made a little bit differently. During the tanning process it's actually ground down by machine to give it a more even surface. And then texture is reapplied by a pressure roller. Now unlike a full-aniline leather, that uses those translucent dyes that you see through, semi-aniline leather is actually dyed using pigment. And that's a much more opaque, even coloring. Now because a lot of people want a more natural look, even with a semi-aniline leather, a lot of the tanneries will then come back and add, usually by hand, another layer of coloring to give it a more natural look. Now these sorts of leathers are really popular for families with kids, pets, messy husbands. They're gonna be more resistant to scratching, less likely to stain, and you can clean them with a wider range of cleaning products, without causing any sort of damage. And they also tend to be less expensive. And that's kinda weird if you think about it because, you know, it's more durable leather.

Why is it less expensive? Well, I'll tell you. It's because when you do a full-aniline leather, you need to select the most high end, premium hides that are impeccable in quality. Whereas a semi-aniline leather, because it goes through this corrective process, can use lower quality hides. They're still super durable but they don't have that lack of markings on them.

Cleaning and Freshening Your Sofa

Okay, it's time to be honest with ourselves: our sofas are filthy. We sit on them, lie on them, eat on them, get lint and dust and grim on them. So do our spouses, our kids, and our pets. While we regularly wash our clothes and bedding, sofas usually don't receive similar treatment. With so many of us spending even more of our time at home these days, our upholstery is probably more in need of a freshening than ever. Here are 6 tips on how to clean and rejuvenate your sofa.

1. Know what you're dealing with.

Remember when you bought your couch and it came with those helpful care instructions that you immediately forgot about? Time to refresh your memory! If you can, check with the manufacturer for cleaning information. Fabric and leather furniture has different requirements. Fabrics are often rated with the following cleaning codes:

W - You can clean this material using water.S - No water. You'll need to purchase a special solvent-based cleaner.WS - You can use water or a solvent-based cleaner on this sofa.X - Vacuum only.

Leather is a completely different ballgame, and the cleaning is going to be determined primarily by whether it's a full-aniline leather or semi-aniline. If your sofa shows scuffs and scratches or has a "waxy" finish on it, it's probably full-aniline. If it's mostly uniform in color, it's probably semi-aniline.

Totally confused? Contact us and we may be able to help.

2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

The best starting point, regardless of the state of your sofa, is to vacuum the heck out of it. Pull it away from the wall and make sure to clean every side of it. Pull the seat and back cushions off and vacuum every side vigorously. Vacuum the denim decking that sits beneath the seat cushions and get under the sofa, too.

3. Are the cushions sagging or wrinkling?

First of all, be sure to swap your seat cushions around regularly to prevent uneven wear. Think of it as the sofa equivalent of rotating the tires on your car. You can often rejuvenate cushions and get them looking their best by unzipping the covers, removing them, and reinserting the cushion inserts. Warning: This can be a bit of a handful to do, and you may want to first try unzipping the covers and trying to even the cushions and seams out without fully removing the covers. Back pillows that have lost their loft may be made from cheap fiber fill; once this material compresses, it's unlikely to bounce back. You may be able to order replacement fiber online that you can stuff into the cushions to plump them up.

4. Do you have stains that need to be addressed on your fabric sofa?

First, check the cleaning code. If you're good to clean with water, try the following:

Mix about 2 cups of distilled water with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon of vinegarDampen a microfiber cloth with the cleaning solutionCarefully blot stained areas with the cloth. Do not rub, which can damage the fibersDampen a fresh microfiber cloth with distilled water only, and blot again to remove the soapWith a dry microfiber cloth, blot the area again to dryIf possible, use a small fan to help the fabric dry completely

Note: You should always spot test cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area, like the back corner of the sofa.

5. Do you have a a velvet sofa that needs to be cleaned?

Velvet requires a slightly different approach than regular fabric. Professional cleaning is recommended for larger or more prominent stains, but cotton and particularly polyester velvets can be cleaned at home with care. Do not attempt to clean acetate, rayon, or silk velvets. They are very sensitive and easily damaged during cleaning. Some cleaning specialists warn that cotton velvet fabric may kink during cleaning, so use caution and wet the fabric no more than necessary.

Cleaning velvet with upholstery cleaner: You can use upholstery cleaner like Woolite to clean cotton or polyester velvet. Test the cleaner on a discrete area, like the back or underside of the sofa. Check to make sure it does not discolor the material or damage it in any way. Carefully apply the upholstery cleaner to the velvet with a soft sponge, leaving the velvet's pile undisturbed. After it is clean, be sure to vacuum and brush the velvet a number of times to keep the velvet looking neat. Note: Woolite also has a foam product with integrated brush designed for cleaning furniture that may prove useful.The wet method for cleaning velvet furniture: If liquid has spilled onto the velvet, soak it up with a paper towel or cloth. Make sure there is no food or debris left on the cloth. Combine a small amount of dish soap and water in a bucket, mixing it until it becomes sudsy. Soak the cloth in the sudsy water and apply it gently to the stain. Use the sudsy cloth to blot the stain until it disappears. It is important for the velvet fabric to dry quickly. Use a hair dryer or fan to accelerate the drying process.The dry method for cleaning velvet furniture: If the fabric is wet, use a paper towel or soft cloth to soak up the liquid. Apply dry cleaning detergent to a sponge and blot the stain repeatedly. Let the cleanser dry entirely on the fabric, using a hair dryer or fan to dry it as quickly as possible. Use a soft brush to unmat the velvet if it appears matted.6. Do you have stains or scuffs on a leather sofa?

You will most likely need a specialty leather cleaning or conditioning kit. Cleaning kits are designed to remove stains and grime from the leather surface. Conditioners will help with buffing out some scuffs in full-aniline leathers and can help restore shine and color. Look for a kit that includes an applicator sponge and buffing cloth.

Bonus DIY tips:A combination of vinegar and baking soda can make an effective cleaning solution for your fabric sofa.Vinegar and olive oil can be used in a pinch to create a leather conditioner to help remove scratches.Coconut oil can be another good option for rejuvenating leather sofas.

Online & Holiday Orders

We are not Amazon. Thank goodness but, that means there are only so many of us, operating as diligently as we can, with so many hours in a day to help customers in-store and remote, pick/wrap/pack orders, complete shipping paperwork/custom documents and schedule postal pick-ups. We aim to get in-store merchandise ready to go usually by the following business day or within a few days of your order at most.

We strongly advise you to provide both email address & phone numbers of the purchaser in your order as emails can land in spam and calls/voicemails go unanswered. We need to reach you should we run into an issue with your order. When customers do not get back to us, there is nothing we can do and any delay with your order is not our fault. We do not hold stock, first come first serve. So help us, help you.

We have an Automated 3-Step Order Notifications:

1) Customer will receive either an automated email or text, depending on the contact info you entered in your online order, when your order is received. This does NOT mean your order is ready for pick up nor has it been shipped yet.

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3) If the customer provided us with your email address in our order, Canada Post will send you an automated email to notify the purchaser that your package is in their hands. Canada Post (or your local postal service in the case of international orders) will also send you automated updates along the way until it is delivered. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to provide the tracking reference to the Gift Recipient. Once your package leaves our shop, it is out of our control. From this point forward, the customer can only contact Canada Post(or the recipient's local postal office)

NOTE: Our website is not linked to our suppliers' inventory system. For rugs, wallpaper & some accent cushions, once you place your order, we then have to verify availability. In-stock items should arrive within 3 to 4 weeks. We will contact the customer with ETA to our supplier if there is a backorder. All transit times are subject to delay beyond our control. Vinyl floor mats are made to order so that is never stocked to go. Unless it is floor model furniture, they are also made to order as well.

THANK YOU for supporting our small independent business. Please bear with us as we would appreciate your patience & understanding.

Our website is not linked to our suppliers' inventory system. For rugs, wallpaper & some accent cushions, once you place your online order, we then have to verify their availbility. In-stock items at our suppliers should arrive within 3 to 4 weeks.

We will contact the customer with ETA to our supplier if there is a backorder.

All transit times are subject to delay beyond our control.

THANK YOU for supporting our small independent business. Please bear us as we would appreciate your patience & understanding.

Whether it is gift or not, rest assured that all price tags are removed before we wrap and pack your parcels.

We can also write a note in your own words to accompany your gift upon request. Contact us 416.363.9914 or shop@kendallandco.ca to tell us what you want to say. Shop our Greeting Cards available to purchase online.

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Orders will be delivered complete when goods arrive to us between Nov-Dec from our suppliers. Delays may occur as global supply continues to be severely challenged by the pandemic, on top of the seasonal rush.

Separate shipping fee will apply if you wish to receive in-stock items now & backordered items later which, the customer must inform us in writing.

Additional charges also apply when there is no one to sign for the delivery or when the delivery is refused, resulting in goods shipping back to our shop at our expense.

Various transit times and related rates are shown at online check-out. We cannot guarantee delivery times for orders shipped with Canada Post. Once your parcel leaves our shop, the duty to delivery it safe & sound is on Canada Post. Please contact Canada Post to track its ETA & obtain proof of delivery using the tracking reference number we provided you by email or text.

Holiday, Giftware & Sale Merchandise are FINAL SALE. That means no refunds, no credits, no returns, no exchanges.

Happy Shopping :-)

First & foremost, THANK YOU for supporting our small independent business. Please bear us as we would appreciate your patience & understanding.

Orders will be delivered complete when goods arrive to us between Nov-Dec from our suppliers. Delays may occur as global supply continues to be severely challenged by the pandemic, on top of the seasonal rush.

Separate shipping fee will apply if you wish to receive in-stock items now & backordered items later which, the customer must inform us in writing.

We must prepare a Custom Declaration document that accompanies all international shipments, meaning we cannot conceal the price from the gift recipient.

Various transit times and related rates are shown at online check-out. We cannot guarantee delivery times for orders shipped outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Once your parcel leaves our premise, the duty to delivery it safe & sound is on Canada Post and applicable International Postal Service for recipents outside Canada. Please contact Canada Post or your local Post Office to track its ETA & obtain proof of delivery using the tracking reference number we provided you by email or text.

Additional charges will apply when there is no one to sign for the delivery or when the delivery is refused, resulting in goods shipping back to our shop at our expense.

International shipments are subject to duties & taxes levied by the recipient's local government plus brokerage fees for custom clearance, based on declared values of goods. These additional costs cannot be calculated by us and are not charged at time of order. These expenses are the sole responsibilities of the recipient (or purchaser) to be paid to your local postal/government office before your parcel may be released to the recipient.

Holiday, Giftware & Sale Merchandise are FINAL SALE. That means no returns, no refunds, no credits, no exchanges.

Happy Shopping :-)

Sorry. Despite best efforts, &#%@ happens. Your wrapped items are carefully packed and left our shop in excellent condition. Our customers rarely have damages but, if it happens, here is what you do:

1) In most cases, there is a maximum CAD$100 insurance per order when shipped via Canada Post. Protection may differ for international shipments. If you wish to have more coverage, you must inform us in writing and pay the applicable surcharge as per Canada Post before we ship your order.

2) Please use the tracking reference number we provided you by email or text to contact Canada Post or your local Postal Service for recipents outside Canada to file a claim for resolution which is a process completely independent of our control.

3) You must file a claim within 48 hours of receiving (or not receiving) your parcel with photos of the box's exterior and contents inside or security cam video.

4) We will refund or replace your items when Canada Post notified us in writing that your claim is approved. We may not be able to send a replacement as seasaonl/holiday stock is limited and will not be replenished as such products are often sold out with our suppliers months prior.

We are not responsible for stolen parcels. We strongly advise you to watch for it on the expected arrival date using the tracking reference we gave you. Alternatively, send your orders to an address where someone can accept the parcel on your behalf.