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We Don't do greige. Not when we're blessed with rainbows

We mix colours and patterns. We play with form, space and light to achieve balance, contrast and flow. We can layer fabrics, trims and fringe for a touch of unexpected detail. We assemble together stylish furnishings, made with beautiful materials and lasting comfort. We consider every surface as an opportunity to apply something even more extraordinary. 

KENDALL & Co's exceptional designs are sensual, dimensional, textural and functional. Elements come together for a compelling narrative where rooms are like chapters of a book that you cannot put down. 

Let's Tell Your Story

Book your appointment to meet with our Interior Design Studio. Define for us what is your particular happily ever after. Learn more about our road map of our exciting adventure to get there together. Our inspired spaces are for those who share our collaborative vision with conviction. Life is short. KENDALL & Co designs with gusto so you can live your best self possible. Let's do this!

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All appointment requests and inquires will be responded to within a few business days.

Our Interior Design Studio & Design Consults are by appointments only during our weekday business hours. We are centrally located in downtown Toronto.

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