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What We Bring To The table

Made in Canada Matters

That is why KENDALL & Co align ourselves with Canadian manufacturers first and foremost. We support the valuable skills and livelihood of the many hands involved in designing, prototyping, building, staining, fabricating, sewing and upholstering our furniture. Some of which are here in Toronto where we know their faces and families. KENDALL & Co believes in enabling a viable furniture industry in Canada where there are fair labour practices, product standards and investment in our own people. Leading by example, buying local also contributes to a greener future by reducing the carbon footprint of goods we sell as we encourage customers to shop local with us.

New Voices Matter

KENDALL & Co also choose to partner with companies led by female entrepreneurs in a traditionally male oriented industry and in young entrepreneurs. Together, we are changing the shape of the industry, in every sense of the word.

Our Customers Matter

We stand behind the quality of our furniture because we are here to continue doing business with you, our customers. And with 25+ years, there are certainly many lasting relationships. Our Canadian Upholstered Furniture comes with limited lifetime guarantee. For our furniture made abroad, they are only from reputable companies that meet our high standards which, are upheld by the owners of KENDALL & Co engaging personally with the products themselves before they are a part of our retail story.

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Global Perpectives Also Matter

With our heart and mind in Canada, we do look afar for furniture from abroad to round out our offering to our customers. The truth is for Case Goods & Design Furnishings, leaders are in the global marketplace where KENDALL & Co visits twice a year in the US. That is where the established and new players come together to present their latest in colours, materials & shapes to KENDALL & Co. We then in turn introduce them through our own unique eye for style. A forward point of view from all points of the world.

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