The Tattooed Queen

The Tattooed Queen 


A one of a kind creation inspired by the British Monarchy and our love for the Royal Family 


A blend of Tribal tattoos inspiring hope and positivity layered on her Majesty Queen Victoria 


Each piece is hand knotted using the finest sustainable materials, extruded bamboo that feels like pure silk and new zealand wool fibers, using colours and shades that make this piece scream luxury and style.

Passionate pinks, sunflower yellows, ocean blues and caribbean sky blues make this piece a must have for any space floor or wall.


Hand knotted in small villages using primitive looms and dyeing techniques that date back centuries, handed down through the generations from master weavers.


Each piece is designed and detailed in our Toronto Studios to make each one unique and an artistic expression.


Like the pattern and want to change the colours? We can custom each and every piece to suit your own unique living space.


Size: 62"W x 59"H