The Draper

From our Bespoke Upholstered Furniture Collection, The Draper is available as a Sectional Sofa Chaise, Sofa, Condo Sofa, Loveseat & Chair. Custom dimensions also available upon request for a fee. 

Standard Dimensions
Width Depth Height
Sectional Sofa Chaise (3 Backs over 3 Seats)
90" 65" / 35" 32"
Sofa (3 over 3)
90" 35″ 32"
Condo Sofa (2 over 2)
78" 35″ 32″
Loveseat (2 over 2)
65" 35″ 32″
Chair (1 over 1)
31" 35" 32"
Arm Width / Height 3"
Seat Depth / Height
22" 18"


The Draper is quintessentially Mid-Century Modern.

Round tapered wood legs are recessed from the corners to effortlessly elevate the lean Tuxedo Frame with a stylistic lightness.

Legs are availabile in a variety of standard stains. Custom leg colour (Benjamin Moore) also available upon request for a fee.

The Draper is piped throughout, both frame and cushions, to accentuate its angular nature and clean lines of its simple Boxed Cushions. While the cylindrical side Bolsters gives a visual counter balance and volume as they rest casually against the padded slender arms.

Back Cushions are dacron-filled while Seat Cushions are of high density foam. You may upgrade seat and/or back cushions with feather-envelope, down-envelope or faux down-envelope for more generous cushioning.

A sharp Ribbon Trim around the cushions or arms or bolsters would offer a distinct accent as an optional design element.

The Draper may be created with any of fabric or trim of your choice. We have a wide range of family/pet-friendly, stain-resistant textiles to high-end wovens, prints & passementerie to accommodate your wishes.

Starting price subject to fabric (combination), finishing details and (custom) size.

Book a Furniture Appointment with us to design your very own.