The Michael

The Michael, available only in limited numbers, starts at $2,590 + cost of fabrics and finishing details. Thousands of fabrics to choose from with choice of inserts.

The natural beauty of our Empire armchair is enhanced by the caned wicker, combining an airy, relaxed feel with its formal style, a marrying of cultures and mixing handwoven with hand carved. First discovered buried with Egyptian pharaohs, wicker had a massive resurgence in the furnishings of the 1970s and are now back in vogue.

Handmade. Made Local.

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 36", Width: 27", Depth :29"

Additional Dimensions:
Seat Height: 18.5", Seat Width: 22", Seat Depth: 19.5"
Arm Height: 6" , Back Height: 16"

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