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Aqua Floral Mural

A floral gathering of vintage illustrations are summoned in this wallpaper design, highlighting each one of the delicate flowers and plants against a white, aquamarine-blue or anthracite background. Create a wall full of colors and joy with this design printed over 3 rolls, for an endless blossom feel. From poppy flowers to cornflowers and bluebells, the layout is filled with lively colors but delicate shapes of all the thin and elegant wild flowers.


How much wallpaper do I need for my wall?

This design is spread over 3 vertical panels before it repeats.

Sold in set of 3 panels per box. Each panel measuring 20.5 inches wide x 118 inches high. Thereby, each box set provides 61.5 inches of linear width coverage, as long as your ceiling height at the highest point is less than 118 inches from top of baseboard to bottom of crown moulding. 

Simply determine how many 61.5 inch widths you need and that would be the number of boxes you would order.

We highly advise customers to order an extra box in the case of DIY installation.

Ask about our Professional Installation Service (for GTA & Muskoka).

Shipping included in price. If more rolls are needed, please contact one of our associates.



Box (3 Rolls per)

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