April 18, 2024

In a world full of spills, splashes, and everyday messes, having stain-resistant fabric in your home can be a game-changer. Whether you have children, pets, or you're just prone to the occasional coffee mishap, investing in stain-resistant fabrics for your furniture and decor can save you a lot of headache and hassle. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for you? Let's explore some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect stain-resistant fabric.

What is stain resistant fabric?

Stain resistant fabrics are textiles that have been coated with a finish or synthetic fibres woven with natural fibres such as cotton or wool. These steps make the fabric more likely to repel liquids and more durable. 

At Kendall and Co. we carry a variety of fabrics with stain resistant properties built into the fibres of the textile, thereby offering long term efficacy with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) compared to after-market spray treatments. In fact, we offer one of the largest libraries of stain resistant fabrics in Canada.

Here are some of our industry leading branded stain resistant fabrics:




We also offer a few others such as, Endurepel by Ennis Fabrics, Kravet Armor & Stout Secure.

Stain-resistant fabric books.

So why choose stain resistant fabrics?

Well, the answer seems obvious! It's easier to clean, is high-wear, and lasts longer. This can be especially appealing for those out there who have children, pets, and high traffic spaces. 

Most stain resistant fabrics come in solids but some patterned fabrics can be treated after ordering. It can also be customized so that the seat pad & back (high ware areas) are protected and more decorative fabrics can be used around the back (as pictured on the custom made recliner armchairs below). You could even do one side of a cushion with decorative fabric and the other side with a high performance fabric, and flip it over based on needs.


Custom made recliner armchairs in vibrant fabrics.


Stain-resistant fabrics for your lifestyle

What's the best type of fabric for my sofa if I have a cat?

When it comes to our feline furry little friends, it is best to look for stain resistant fabrics that have a cut pile rather than a looped pile to them. These are fabrics that are less likely to catch and hook onto kittie's claws. Cut pile fabrics include velvets, microfibers, denims, and canvases.

Because of the variety and quality, we would recommend velvets first. Kitties can go to town on it, they won't be able to hook into anything, because that little thread at the end of the fabric is just a thread, it doesn't loop back in, and there's nothing to catch on. Velvet can grab onto fur a little bit, but is easily vacuumed out, so we think it's worth the extra cleaning time rather than risk a fabric that will tear.

If you're opposed to velvet and just don't like the look or feel of it, you should focus on fabrics that have a very tight weave. Denims and canvases, things that are heavier weight, are going to outperform things like linens and chenilles.  

What's the best type of fabric for my sofa if I have a dog?

Similarly to cats, dogs claws can be an issue for furniture on top of other charming canine habits such as drooling, shedding, and jumping up with muddy paws. That said, stain resistant velvets and tight woven fabrics continue to rise to the top for pup owners too, as these fabrics are much easier to clean and maintain with some vacuuming and scrubbing.


Purple velvet sofa, dog pillow, and velvet wallpaper.


On that note, we have some fabrics that are pretty great because they are a  coarser weave but they don't snag. A textile company that we do a lot of work with called Nassimi has a few really lovely performance fabrics that are super durable, they're super cleanable, but they also don't snag even though they have a coarser weave. 

What's the best type of fabric for children?

I want a beautiful sofa, I have children, how do I make these two things work together? Well, we think it can be quite simple. To make a piece of furniture last long in high traffic spaces you need at the very least two things: performance (remember the rub count from our "Unveiling the Thread" blog?) and, obviously, stain resistance. 

Stain resistance is key with kids! Spills happen, and all we can really do is be prepared. How does it work? High end textile mills use a submersion process that gives fabric excellent stain resistance, coating the fibers, preventing them from absorbing fluids and liquids. And you can use a wider range of cleaning products on stain resistant fabric without causing discolouration or other damage, making it wipeable and easy to clean, with no need to compromise quality for looks.

The bottomline 

Choosing the right stain-resistant fabric for your home is all about understanding your lifestyle, considering the fabric type, and weighing factors like cleaning and maintenance.

When it comes to stain resistance, we've got some amazing options at a really competitive price point. There's no use crying over spilled milk...but with quality stain resistant fabrics you won't have to! Learn more about our fabrics or book your consultation here.

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