Our Residential Projects

Go Above and Beyond

Optometrist versus Ophthalmologist. General Accountant versus Chartered Accountant – Just as there are tiers of professional qualifications within various industries, there is a remarkable difference between a Decorator, an Interior Designer and an Architect.

Decorators can deal expertly with applied aesthetics while Interior Designers have the additional practical experience with structural and renovation complexities. Therefore, Interior Designers can reinvent your space, maximize its use, offering you better solutions and more possibilities.

It is said that Architects build incredible houses and Interior Designers create extraordinary homes. For projects of a certain scale, savvy clients hire both an Architect and an Interior Designer to bring the disciplines together for ideal results and best return on investment.

With KENDALL & Co Interior Design + Decor, homes are finished with heart and soul, revealing the inner beauty of our clients.

Gather by the Fire

Bringing Sexy Back

Hip to be Square

Suspended in Disbelief

Good Pairing

Show Your Colours

Take Flight

Curl Up in Bed

Stay in the Attic

Great Angle

Fresh Citrus

Come Down to Reality

Steps Above the Rest

Polished with Chrome and Glass

Come Dine with Us

Light Entertainment

Connecting with Colours

Height of Living

Glossed Over

Smoke and Mirror

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

View from Above

Doing Circles

Lean towards the Arts

Reflecting on our Hard Work

The Perfect Place to Rest

Lease on New Life

We Paired Perfectly

Curtains Anchor and Give Height

Good Things Come in Pairs

Use Natural Light to Highlight

Textures, Patterns, Lines & Curves

Add Personal Momentos

Balance with Proportion

Pop of Colour

Fresh & Clean

Branch Out

Mad with Plaid

Putting Us on the Map

Picking up the Mantle

Classic Silhouette

Sea Worthy

An Inviting Aura

Mix & Match

The Glory of an Empire

Make an Entrance

Floating on Air

Let it Rain

Where the Party is At

Hover over the Stove

Good Vibrations

Up Close and Personal

Something that Fell from the Sky

Joint Efforts

Vanity Fair

Soak It In


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