Our Process with You

STEP 1) How Do We Start?

All Client Intake begins formally with a complimentary Meet & Greet at the Interior Design Studio of KENDALL & Co. A Meet & Greet entails the following:

  • Answer your questions about our products, services and fee structure
  • Elaborate on our past projects
  • Discuss the scope of what we can oversee for your project
  • Establish a high-level budget for products and services required in your project

The meeting is about 30 minutes or so to allow both parties to get to know each other
and to communicate general expectations of what our business relationship with you will entail as we move forward. For clients ready to proceed to the next stage, an On-Site Design Consultation is then scheduled.

STEP 2) On-Site/In-Home Design Consultation

The On-Site/In-Home Design Consultation is one of our sought-after services for clients to get their bearings about what is possible with our know-how and fresh, creative eyes.

It is a highly productive 2-hour meeting where KENDALL & Co does the exploratory work with you. The professional fee is $585 (plus HST and expenses for travel outside of the GTA). It affords you the following:

  • An effective site meeting with 2 or more of our Designers
  • Discuss in further details about your needs and wants in the visual and in function
  • Full notes, photographs or essential measurements taken to plan the outcome of the space(s)

After the meeting, our Designers gather with the team and leverage our resources to produce a concise dossier with all our ideas for you, including such as:

  • Suggestions to resolve the design dilemma with structural and/or creative solutions
  • Inspiration images to envision our ideas
  • General overview as to the aesthetic and layout
  • Prioritization of action items

This dossier is then made available to you to review it with our Design Team. Note that this is a Design Prospectus to articulate direction and concept, not an Interior Design Package where upon every element is curated and specified.

More than often, clients will then want to put our ideas into motion by providing us a Retainer and selecting one of your two following options.

STEP 3 – OPTION A) KENDALL & Co Interior Design Package

Each of our “stand-alone” Interior Design Package is the rigorous product of leading trends, thoughtful selection, arduous deliberation and careful censoring down to the most ideal combinations, within the confine of our client’s budget and wish list.

It is uniquely put together as none is ever the same because we designed it just for you. Your Design Package, depending on the parameter, may entail the following:

  • Your top options in furnishings, lighting, window treatment, rugs, carpet, wallpaper, art, paint colours, fabrics, hardware, tile, flooring, etc as selected by our Designers from thousands of options
  • Cabinetry Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Layout Rendering
  • Lighting Plan

The “stand-alone” package is presented to you to go over the functional design scheme.  This invaluable intellectual property is composed with due diligence where you can literally take the details to execute the project to its completion and purchase design products through KENDALL & Co.

Clients opted for this level of service to enable them to secure financing from banking institutions and/or to hand off clear and concise instructions to an experienced general contractor to execute.

Alternatively, virtually all clients contract KENDALL & Co for our Project Management Services to expedite its implementation.

STEP 3 – OPTION B) KENDALL & Co’s Design + Project Management Bundled Solution

A Kick-Off Meeting with the client is held in our Design Studio to collaboratively determine your immediate scope of must-haves and items on your wishlist for subsequent phases. We come to a consensus on a high-level realistic budget with you, from which a Retainer is obtained to jointly initiate our Creative Process and to begin screening external quotes from Trades.

Using all the resources at our disposal, the Creative Process goes through an intense dialogue to distill the components of your specific design before the best concept is presented for your approval.

Once the Interior Design and Budget are finalized with the client, KENDALL & Co can then facilitate the project to its completion. A Project Management Fee is required on all jobs proceeding in this manner which cover the following duties on behalf of the client:

  • Devise a realistic project plan, setting key milestone and adjusting it accordingly when contingencies are needed
  • Process Purchase/Service Orders with suppliers to procure all client-approved products and services (refinishing, custom fabrication, sewing, painting, etc)
  • Handle brokerage and clearance of all shipments of international design goods
  • Follow up on ETAs so items do arrive in a logical manner
  • Wait on and accept shipments on behalf of the client, either on-site or at our storage facilities
  • Quality check all products and proactively obtain replacements for damages or defects from suppliers to keep project on the critical path
  • Consolidate goods with protective care in our temporary storage for just-in-time delivery
  • Schedule and deliver finished products and myriad of interdependent, construction material as needed
  • Site visits with various Trades and Installers to explain the specifics for an accurate quote
  • Qualify quotes from Trades (General Contracting, Electrical, Plumbing, etc) to enable our client gets the best value
  • Daily schedule and coordination with multiple areas of Trades to adhere to evolving priorities of tasks in the construction/renovation
  • Monitor daily arrival and departure of Trades
  • Respond to every minute construction inquiries from Trades to ensure integrity of the design
  • Make sure the site is kept as clean as possible and the site is secured
  • Arrange disposal and recycling of construction refuse and packaging
  • Pay Trades, on your behalf, to maintain the momentum of satisfactory work
  • Facilitate the assembly of products/design elements as required
  • On-site supervision for installation of design goods and aesthetic applications
  • Handle service calls for applicable items within warranty
  • Last but not least, communicate with the client for status update, your feedback at  various milestones and for your progress payments in a timely manner

On the rare occasion when clients initially chose to take on these responsibilities themselves, they soon after get us to take matters over because KENDALL & Co has the effective, professional capacity.

Our Project Management gives you peace of mind that the job is being done right and your money is handled with stewardship. More importantly, it enables you to focus on other key aspects of your life.

Clients swear by our Design + Project Management, saying it is worth every penny and more! Clients choose KENDALL & Co because they respect our range of experience. They commit to allowing us to do what we are trained to do. Rest assured that while we take the wheel, you are by our side as we go on an exciting adventure.


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