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Architectural Abstract Floorplan Series from KENDALL & Co

Designers from KENDALL & Co discusses the Art to Hanging Art

The Nuts & Bolts
Use picture-hanging hooks, rather than heavy nails or screws. A one-nail picture hook holds up to 30 lbs, a two-nail picture hook about 50 lbs while, a three-nail picture hook supports between 75 to 100 lbs. Do use a level, measuring tape and calculator.

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Compose Yourself
Create a composition within a collection of artworks and also between the furnishing placement along the same wall. The scale of the art or a grouping of it should balance with the scale of the furniture. Although you generally position artwork at eye level, there is no hard or fast rule, especially with high-celing homes. The convention is to have the centre of the artwork at about 60″ from the floor then, add or minus depending on your height and any furniture below or next to the art. Arrangement may follow the angle of the staircase or keep it to the base or top of the staircase.

Create a Theme
A geometic grid of the same frame and mat of the same size is classic. A cluster of varying styles is contemporary. A tryptic is a savvy way to cover more distance on the wall with just one xlarge print. For more eccentricity, use different types of frames or matting for a large grouping of art of the same subject. Conversely, apply the same frame or matting to a series of prints of disparate subjects. Another option is to define a vertical line across the wall and place art above and below that imaginary line.

Think outside the Box
Mix paintings, prints and photography with other types of wall d├ęcor such as mirrors, decorative dishes, shadow box objets, and wall mount sculptures.

Trial & Error
For the novice, cut kraft paper in the same size as the framed art and tape it to the wall until you created a visual cohesion. Be sure to leave about 1.5″ to 2″ space uniformly between all artwork for close groupings or the same separation when spanning across a wall.

Serengeti Series from KENDALL & Co

Serengeti Series from KENDALL & Co

KENDALL & Co deals with an international art house which has an extensive catalogue of prints of varied genre and sizes; completed in exquisite selection of frames and matts. Contact our Design Studio for an art consultation. 227 Carlton. 416-363-9914.

Wild Parrot from KENDALL & Co

Wild Parrot from KENDALL & Co

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